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How to place the porch shoe rack in the living room shoe cabinet


How to put the living room shoe cabinet? Generally speaking, the shoe cabinet is placed in the living room, mainly the porch shoe cabinet. It is not suitable to place the shoe cabinet in other places. After all, the shoes are not ornaments and are not suitable for display in the living room. Therefore, this article mainly talks about the taboos of the porch shoe.

Generally, the shoe cabinets are placed at the entrance of the door, which is the place where people flow in and out. The placement of the shoe cabinet also affects the image of the family. The sleek water in the shoe cabinet, the placement of the shoes, etc., will also affect the luck in the home.

First, enter the door porch Shoe cabinet orientation Feng Shui

1, the orientation of the shoe cabinet

The direction of the entrance porch shoe cabinet should also be noted. If the head of the family is engaged in civilian work, the shoe cabinet should be placed in the home position of the school, that is, the southeast side; blue-collar workers and other friends who rely on labor to make a living should be placed in the military position. The northwest is the most favorable, which will help the cause to a higher level. The above orientation is applicable for many years and does not require annual conversion.

2, the position of the shoe

Shoe cabinets are best placed on the right side of the entrance hall (subject to the right and left when people go out), Zuo Qinglong, right white tiger, put the shoe cabinet on the white tiger fierce position just to hold the fierce, bring good luck to family members.

Second, the entrance to the entrance to the Shoe Rack should not be placed

1, enter the door porch shoe should not be right to get started

Because most of the shoe cabinets in the family are designed at the entrance of the entrance, the porch shoe is like this, but remember not to point the shoe to the entrance, and place the shoe as far as possible on the left side of the entry.

2, the entrance to the shoe cabinet should not be too dark

The lights in the porch can be used to mediate the health and wealth of the family. The light should not be too dark or too bright, otherwise it will be glaring and affecting the nerves. It is not advisable to be too dark, otherwise it will find the Yin spirit and luck decline. The luminaire should be in a square circle and should not be a triangular lamp.

3, the shoe rack is set to avoid no dependence

It is not advisable to place the cabinet in an independent, independent position, and the shoes must be attached.

4, the toe is not suitable for people

The shoes are placed in the toe and the tip of the shoe is easy to become a fire. The pointed shoes are placed inward. In addition, the modern popular pointed shoes, the toe is best placed in the cabinet, otherwise, each time you open the shoe to take the shoes, the toe is facing yourself, forming a fire, over time, harmful to health.

The storage of the shoe cabinet in the living room is also very particular. Therefore, when we are doing home decoration, it is best to first make a detailed understanding of the relevant taboo requirements in order to be integrated into the decoration design.

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